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Visual content marketing is one of the key elements that every internet marketing company in Dublin focuses on. And http://www.cheapkankenbigbackpack.com/ , if you are struggling to get results from all your content marketing efforts or would like to generate a stream of targeted traffic that converts, then you must power up and take your content marketing campaign to the next level. Visual content marketing can prove to be the rockstar in your overall online marketing campaign. Let us know more about its significance.

Visual content helps to grab the attention of the target audience

Do you know that around two million videos are uploaded every day, more than 150 million tweets are generated every day Cheap Fjallraven Kanken No.2 , and around 2 billion individuals units of content. With such enormous daily volume of information being posted online, business owners and online marketers need to perform everything they can grab the attention of their target audience with their online content.

Visual content can be processed quicker by the human brain

Images and visuals make for better content in contrast to blocks and lines of text. The human brain can just process a very confined amount of information at any given time, and that can be processed much quicker than the rest will take precedence in grabbing an individual鈥檚 attention. Do you know that the visual information can be processed 60 Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Classic ,000 times quicker than the time it takes to decode text?

Visual content makes up 96% of all human communication

Around 96% of all human communication is practically non-verbal. 90% of the information that enters the human brain is practically non-verbal. 70% of all sensory receptors humans have are all concentrated inside an eye of an individual. The brain will then process up to 50% of information received by these visual receptors. Graphics and texts if used alone may be imperfect forms of communications so combining well-written text with visual elements can be your ticket for capturing the imagination and attention of the target audience.

Visual content generates more views for your posts

If you add convincing visual graphics and elements, you generate up to 94% more views. If your press releases contain photos when published, you get the opportunity to generate 14% more views. However Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Big , if the content contains both videos and photos, views can jump up to 48%.

Visual content that goes viral can bring tons of inbound links

Tools for visual content marketing such as posters, memes Cheap Fjallraven Kanken Mini , infographics, and the like can go viral if people will like the content well enough to share it within their own online communities and social networks. However, should contain your website or page information and logo so recipients will be acquainted with where the material originally came from. Relevant and high-quality inbound links can boost your rankings in search results so ensure content is tagged with appropriate meta information and text descriptions.

Visual content marketing has gone beyond the level of fad into one of the most powerful online marketing tools every internet marketing company in Dublin has ever experienced. The power of utilizing visual content marketing for your online marketing campaign is undeniable Cheap Kanken Backpack , and being a business owner and internet marketer you must begin using this engaging and stimulating way of reaching out to the potential clients.

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Abigayle Mark
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