#1 company to strategy to adopt horizontal bar petrol engine von daxazqa 29.09.2019 08:14

Compared to other car makers Adrian Beltre Dominican Republic Jersey , VW has entered the hybrid car discipline pretty afterwards than other people. Yet, VW has mentioned within the newly launched plan that all the cars of the company might adopt the hybrid method. Based on the official declaration of VW, the organization will concentrate on creating plug-in hybrid program along with the application of the pure electrical technology will need to wait around until finally much better battery technology gets fact.

It is reported that the CEO of VW, Martin Winterkorn notes that he does not agree that primarily developing the pure electrical vehicles at the present stage is the best move; plug-in hybrid vehicle reflects the mainstream inside the next ten yrs. Winterkorn has also added that he is positive about the program derived from the hybrid platform such as Chevrolet Volt. This idea has inspired the relevant department of the company to strategy to adopt horizontal bar petrol engine to prolong the running mileage with the electrical TT sport activity auto.

Based on the statement of Winterkorn Alberto Rosario Dominican Republic Jersey , lithium-ion battery technology is a solution only for the transaction period. It is not good enough for long term development. The plug-in hybrid technology is surely the more rational choice in the following ten years. Winterkorn said in public that the growth new energy cars akin to the enhanced-mileage electrical car like Chevrolet Volt is rather meaningful. He added that the VW is also creating horizontal bar petrol engine and diesel turbocharger to optimize the performance of new energy auto.

Although Winterkorn is currently holding a negative attitude toward the pure electric driving technologies, he has never denied that this marks one orientation for future development. He is more confident about the growth lithium thionyl battery set which has a more promising prospect than lithium ion. The lithium thionyl battery contains an level of energy three times larger than lithium ion and the power reserving content with the lithium air battery, which is under construction and will not be released until 2025, is five times larger than that of lithium ion. He said that the software perspective of the lithium air battery is fairly promising; after all Welington Castillo Dominican Republic Jersey , the prolonged mileage of one-time charging can reach 800 kms.

The above mentioned statement has also further confirmed the previous leaked information that is, Audi will concentrate around the domain of electrical auto in the future and VW will focus on developing hybrid technologies for the goal of popularizing comprehensively the application of new energy technology.

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